Introducing Ninja Forms Version 1.3 of the Woocommerce and Ninja Forms plugin

The latest Ninja Forms update is here! A new and improved release of our Woocommerce and Ninja Forms plugin. Introducing version 1.3.


Submission forms not showing?


Depending on how some website directories have been set up, there have been troubles with form submissions not available at checkout, order page or in email. 


We have ensured that submission forms are always available to customers no matter the website directory settings.


Compatibility with Woo Subscriptions


Our Ninja Forms plugin is compatible  with the Woocommerce Subscription plugin but the option prices are added to subscription price, not to the fixed value, without anyway to alter this.


We have added an “Addon option prices” feature to the monthly recurring subscriptions which does not apply to the setup fee.


Large quantity orders of the same product order result to no price total


Customers ordering a large quantity order of the same product would have a checkout total of $0.


This has been adjusted so that the order total is calculated accordingly.




Please update your plugin for more optimal performance.