Dropshipping and WooCommerce Major release – Version 4.0


A major new update to our dropshipping plugin you do not want to miss! Filled with practical  new features that are effective for both you and your customers, a new profit dashboard, language additions and so much more. We introduce to you Dropshipping version 4.0.


Here’s an overview of what’s included in Dropshipping version 4.0:


-New feature – profit graph

-New feature – Order tracking

-New feature – New languages added

-Packing Slip Translation errors – Fixed

-New Feature- Email link directing customers to the order list page of suppliers dashboard.

-Company Name and Payment type additions in packing slip

-Tracking number and POD displayed values

-Updating existing product variation on WooCommerce – Fixed

-Settings reset after update – Fixed


New feature – Profit graph

We have added a new profit graph feature in the Dropshipping dashboard that displays


-An estimated profit in the last 24 hours

-Amount of active listings

-Listings that are in draft

-Amount of orders in the last 24 hours


A new Order/profit graphical representation that also allows you to view your profit data over a period of time displayed in a chart form.


Alongside that we have added an account information section that includes


-The number of orders

-Monitored product prices

-Products that have gone out of stock

-Unprocessed orders


New feature – Order tracking


Now customers can view tracking details to an order placed! Add customers tracking number and details from the WooCommerce order List > Supplier Orders which will sync across to WooCommerce and display on the customer account > Orders Located under their account


New feature – New languages added


We have added the languages below for the packing slip and other related translation in the POT file. Please note that the entire plugin will not be translated, just the POT files.

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Afrikaans
  • German
  • French


Packing Slip Translation errors – Fixed


Specific words in the Packing slip (See below) would not translate from English to the merchants preferred language. 

  • Image
  • To mark this order as shipped please click the following link
  • Mark as shipped


We have fixed this so all words translate languages appropriately. 


New Feature- Email link directing customers to the order list page of suppliers dashboard.


Add link to supplier’s email notification directing to “Order list page” of the supplier’s dashboard


Company Name and Payment type additions in packing slip

New settings options for merchants to add the buyer’s company name and payment type they’ve added on checkout, to the packing slip. 


Enabling this will ensure shipping or company details input fields will be visible.


Tracking number and POD displayed values

Even though suppliers hit the ‘Mark as received’ button or added tracking number the values would not show in the order list page of admin. 


This has been fixed so that the tracking number and POD appear as they should under the order page.


Updating existing product variation on Woocommerce – Fixed


Previous issues when trying to update products and sync variations from CBE to Woo has been fixed.


Settings reset after update – Fixed


Every time a user updates their plugin using the automatic update of WooCommerce — the settings page under the WooCommerce → Settings → Dropshipping tab is getting reset and suppliers will not get the order notification as ‘Attach a PDF’ is getting unchecked after an update.


This has been solved so that no settings are reset when you update your plugin.



Please update your WooCommerce and Dropshipping plugin to access all these new features.