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Introducing Version 4.7 of the WooCommerce and Windcave Plugin – Latest Update

We are excited to announce the latest version of our Windcave Plugin integration with WooCommerce. Introducing Version 4.7. Updated with new features and additions to make your plugin experience as efficient as possible. See below for more insight into this release.


Incorrect Credentials Dashboard Error Message

An error message will display on the admin dashboard if Windcave credentials entered incorrectly. This will help when integrating the plugin to ensure that no issues in consequence of incorrect credentials will happen and all data is synced rightly.


In-app Order Completion

In addition to setting processing orders as authentic, each processed or “OnHold” order will display a completion button so that you no longer have to login into PayLine to process this.


Windcave Payment Logo

A small addition to the checkout page > payment options, we have added the Windcave logo next to Payment Express payment option for customers to associate this with each other.


Failed Payment Order Status

Those that have the Windcave option to mark the orders as failed when credit card has been declined, do not receive an order status update when the customer attempts to purchase the product again and it goes through successfully.


Any initial credit card failed payment attempts will be marked as declined, but the order status doesn’t change when another order attempt does go through successfully. We have fixed this so an order status is updated accordingly.


Subscription Based Websites Failed Payments

Subscription based websites having trouble with failed payments due to the order status not returning the right status back to the subscription gateway. Even if there are insufficient funds you still can not force renew a subscription causing these failed payments and invalid product access to the customer.