Nz Post Update – Version 3.1 Release

Our NZ Post plugin has recently had its new update filled with new shipping rates and bug fixes. We welcome NZ Post Version 3.1.


Included in this update is:


  • November rates added
  • GST option in settings
  • Shipping zone setting – bug fix 
  • Surcharge options 


November shipping rates:


The old service codes available did not match the service codes that are being pulled from the NZ Post API. We have updated our plugin with NZ Post’s November shipping rates to ensure all shipping costs equate to each other. 


GST option in settings:


A new GST setting with options that allow you to have GST included in the total price or not.


Shipping zone setting bug fix:


Shipping zone settings would not apply the new changes user has made after clicking save.  This has been fixed to ensure any shipping zone setting updates work as they should.


Surcharge options:


A new surcharge field for users to set an additional charge, specifically for overseas shipping. These options include 1) Domestic shipping surcharge and 2) International shipping surcharge.