HelpScout and WooCommerce Integration Major Update – Version 3.0

We are glad to announce the update of HelpScout version 3.0 has just released. This update will help solve issues you may encounter, such as the ones below:


  • Customer data not syncing in HelpScout mailbox
  • Deactivation and Uninstalling hooks
  • Validation error in sending email from the order page
  • PDF file upload error
  • Speed improvement 


Customer data syncing in HelpScout mailbox

We have significantly improved the speed of this plugin to ensure a fast-paced performance in the SQL database. If you have had issues with delayed customer data syncing in HelpScout from WooCommerce, we have now improved the speed of sync to ensure data is uploaded faster.


Deactivation and Uninstalling hooks

We have assured that deactivation and uninstall hooks provide the appropriate performance programmed to do. All saved credentials no longer erase when the plugin is deactivated, only when it is uninstalled. 


On deactivation, the plugin can run a routine to remove temporary data such as cache, temporary files, and directories.


Uninstalling the plugin will delete any plugin options, settings specific to the plugin, and other database entities, such as tables, metadata, and cache. 


Validation error in sending email from the order page

When a merchant sends an issue email, from the order page, an invalid error message “Failed to create the conversation, please try again” would show, even though HelpScout receives it successfully. This is now solved. It will show a correct text error message.


PDF file upload error

Previously, PDF files would not upload correctly. We have made minor adjustments to ensure that all image files upload correctly. Our plugin supports image files such as- “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.png”, “.pdf”, “.JPG”, “.JPEG”, “.PNG”, “.PDF”, “.JPE”, “.GIF”.


Check it out via the link below: