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Odoo 1.5 for WooCommerce – Major release

Today we’re very pleased to announce a major release for Odoo for WooCommerce, version 1.5.

You can find more info on the product here:

Version 1.5 adds some great new features, most notably Import & Export features.

Odoo <—> WooCommerce Import/Export

Now you can separately import and export data between WooCommerce and Odoo. This includes such things as:

  1. Products
  2. Orders
  3. Customers
  4. Inventory quantities

Refund management (two way sync)

You can now refund a sale from WooCommerce in either in WooCommerce or Odoo, and that refund will sync to the other respective system.

Weight & Volume Sync

Previously, product weight and volume did not sync between WooCommerce and Odoo. This functionality has now been added.

Regular Price & Cost Sync

Similarly, we now distinguish between pricing types and these are synchronised accordingly.