MYOB for WooCommerce Plugin Feature Release 1.5


Our major update for MYOB for WooCommerce version 1.5 is out now with more usability features. Here is a quick preview of recent updates so you can see what’s incoming.

  •  Added cron job for product synchronisation. 
  • Additional fields added for company files, including user credentials and passwords.
  • Creating MYOB entries only after successful payments are completed.

Added cron job for product synchronisations

Stock synchronisations are run automatically and now merchants have the option to configure the number of days between cron jobs.

Additional fields added for company files

In our previous version, when the MYOB user logged into the Company File, another username and password was required to access the file, the username was hardcoded as ‘administrator’.
Now MYOB users are able to configure their username and password for the company file.

Creating MYOB Entry only after successful payment

In our previous version, payments would sometimes show as ‘pending’ if third party platforms, such as Afterpay were used to complete the payment.
Now, entries are only created in MYOB when successful payments are completed, avoiding confusion where payments may show as ‘pending’.

To learn more about our MYOB Integration for WooCommerce, click here