Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe


Finding a dropshipping supplier that can offer reliable service and good-quality products is difficult, but essential. It’s also important to get in contact with one who can offer items that best suit our demands and also following what our customer is looking for.

Since wholesalers rarely advertise themselves, the task of finding them is up to us. There are many ways that you can find new dropshipping suppliers:

  • Using search engines like Google, Ask, Bingo, etc.
  • Visiting online platforms
  • Attending trade shows, or exhibitions like CBI, Canton Fair, etc.
  • Ordering from a competitor to find out whom he works with.
  • Using Supplier directories

The world of dropshipping is often seen as the easiest way to sell products online. Yet, it isn’t as simple as it seems and has own technicalities. Dropshipping has proliferated over the past few years. Most of the people in dropshipping are targeting the USA market. Fortunately, Europe is not much-exposed, meaning there are a plethora of opportunities in the European market.

In Europe, the faster your service is, the more people will be attracted to your store. To counter this, we need to have suppliers right in Europe. As a European dropshipper, it can be hard work to find suppliers for your e-commerce business. We have accumulated some top suppliers in Europe that can help you boost your dropshipping business and delivery time.

Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe



eSources is Europe’s Largest Directory of verified wholesale suppliers, dropshippers, and trade leads. It is mainly used to find suppliers who buy products at wholesale prices or to buy products and let the supplier take care of you.

It has more than 170,000 of verified wholesale and dropshipping suppliers from the UK, and the rest of Europe. If you want to see the product prices, you can upgrade to a premium subscription of 20 GBP for 1 month. You can locate a supplier in your niche, make an affiliation and start earning more by using this forum smartly. Customer service always replies very quickly and are very helpful.


MX Wholesale


MX Wholesale was founded in 2001. It is an online wholesale supplier and has since grown to become a leading UK wholesaler and importer of discounted products. They have heavily discounted stock and branded products that helped them gain the reputation as the leading UK discount wholesaler.

Furthermore, they have very market competitive prices. MX wholesale offers a wide range of items including toiletries, makeup, health & beauty items, outdoor & garden tools, housewares & accessories, DIY, kitchenware & kitchen accessories, toys, stationery, camping equipment, party supplies, etc. All of these items are available at a very amazing price.

At MX Wholesale you can place an order as low as £1 and the delivery charges above £50 are free. Unfortunately, due to the current unprecedented situation, MX Wholesale is not taking any further orders. But they are going to revive after the end of this pandemic soon. So, keep them in mind if you are dropshipping in Europe.




Tuscany aims to make dropshipping in Europe as easy as possible. This Italian-based Wholesale supplier dropshipper specialises in the delivery of Italian fashion items, especially bags, shoes, and accessories, many of which are made with Tuscany’s world-famous leather.

Many of these are high-ticket items. Profit margin is also high.

Tuscany Leather offers a special price list for resellers. Returning products is quite easy, so there’ll be no outstanding stock. No extra cost is needed to pay for logistic organisations.

To monitor the progress of your order, you can track it through their website or speak to the account manager in charge of the order.

Tuscany offers worldwide shipping to 190 countries. Thousands of partners that are working with them to gain profit and more than 84% export around the world.



BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform specialising in the supply of many products on the online channel throughout Europe. It is based in Spain and was founded in 2011. It’s one of the leading dropshipping suppliers in Europe.

BigBuy specifies products in 24 European languages in native translation.

BigBuy has its warehouses and agreements with the courier agencies. Transport agencies available including GLS, UPS, NT, FedEx, DHL, Seur DPD, Correos, etc. This platform provides a comprehensive dropshipping delivery service along with the dropshipper’s name and company image on the package so that customers can easily identify the product.



Zentrada is considered as Europe’s Biggest Sourcing Platform. It has more than 400,000 products and many top-suppliers. Maximise your sales potential with flexible sourcing and a more active assortment strategy by Zentrada. As a professional dropshipper, with European UID number, you qualify for VAT exemption on purchasing from foreign suppliers.

Zentrada offers better products at lesser prices. You can manage your suppliers, orders, payments and reorders easily and conveniently online with TradeSafe offered by Zentrada.

Zentrada’s premium-membership offers free delivery all around Europe. With the fastest delivery within Europe, Zentrada is the best wholesale supplier for Dropshippers in Europe.



StyleFlow is a UK based wholesale supplier for the dropshipper interested in niche related to women clothing. Main categories are Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, Plus-Size, Lingerie, and Shoes.

Their merchandise has been featured on countless online blogs and style accounts. They have been a top dropship supplier for many companies looking to expand their online fashion retail section. Using StyleFlow is simple and convenient.

Customers can place orders directly through the site and ensure they will receive the product quickly. They ship to over 100 countries and offer fast free shipping for certain customers in Europe.



Alloverprint is the UK based top leaders for quick and on-demand printing services in Europe. They have been premier dropshipping suppliers for the past 10 years. They offer a quick turnaround time as they have given countless customers with the services, they need to complete business transactions. This company specialises in the delivery of prints on demand. Alloverprint has provided consistent service for all types of dropshipping needs.



In 2008, Aulola started as a B2B Wholesale network for interested wholesalers, distributors, dropshippers, retailers, online & offline stores and many others, as one of the biggest cell phone accessories distributors and wholesalers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Now, Aulola also exports a wide range of products besides mobile phone accessories, such as vehicle electronics, camera accessories, home & garden, beauty & makeup, game accessories, audio-video, e-liquid, etc. Aulola offers various products to meet the needs of clients anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Dropshipping with Aulola is very easy. Create an account in, download the product images and data you want to dropship. Upload and sell it on your store. When your customer buys the product, mention the data on the same channel and rest will be done by Aulola.



Clearance King is a B2B wholesale distributor and supplier with 60 years of experience in the distribution industry. They love to work in collaboration and entertain dropshipping. The major categories are Clearance Lines, Smoking, Electronic Cigarettes, 49p & Under, Pound Lines, Baby & Kids, Electrical, Health & Beauty, Household, Pets accessories and many others. The minimum order for drop shipping should be $200 + VAT to start dropshipping at Clearance King. Products are very cheap compared to the market. It is the best place to dropship high-ticket items.


Website: is the most popular wholesale and dropship sourcing service in Europe today. It protects sellers against the most common wholesale and dropshipping scams, plus it helps source profitable wholesale and dropship deals instantly. Wholesale Deals is a nice opportunity, with deals added daily offering ample choice for the most demanding sellers.

Wrap Up

These dropshipping suppliers are those that belong to and operate in Europe. Other big Giants like Ali Express, Made-in-China, Banggood, etc, also operate in Europe and many dropshippers are also considering these for dropshipping.

Apart from dropshipping based on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc, in Europe, while many would consider eBay as an end-user retail platform, you may be surprised to know there is eBay dropshipping and it is high in demand. In this type of dropshipping, the products are taken from marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, Sainsbury, Costco, Walmart, ASDA, etc, and is displayed & sold at eBay with little margins using tools like Autods, dsmtools, zikanalytics, priceyak, etc. So, these marketplaces can also be considered as dropship suppliers in Europe for eBay dropshipping.

However, if you want to earn better profits while dropshipping in Europe, consider these 10 suppliers and you will improve your sales. These suppliers have less competition and better margins, making them very worthwhile. Additionally, you can maximise the effectiveness of using these services by doing the following:

  • Creating a proper campaign
  • Finding the Right Audience
  • Having a proper Interactive e-commerce Website
  • Finding Cooperative Suppliers