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What sort of things does OPMC do with plugin development in WooCommerce, you ask?

If you’ve come to our site because you heard we do plugin development for WordPress or WooCommerce, and wondering what it is we do, this may be the best blog post for that.

Our Director, Chris Bryant, was recently a speaker at WordCamp here in Sydney, Australia. In this presentation he talks about our history with plugin development, and our success with that.

Our story doesn’t end here! Since WordCamp Sydney 2018 we’ve seen some steep growth, and have almost doubled our client base of active subscribers for our plugins. Yes, sounds like we’re tooting our own trumpet, but we are just really proud about our progress and growth in this space we’re passionate about.

OPMC now manages 10 of the official WooCommerce plugins, and we have half a dozen more on our own website.

Find out more in the video, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us…

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