If You Are A Dropshipper… Will Chinese New Year Break Your eCommerce Store?

As a dropshipper, many of your suppliers will be based in China – and therefore will be affected by Chinese New Years (on 16 February).

Chinese New Years usually means suppliers will take at least a week off – it’s important to contact each supplier you use whether that’s on AliExpress or Alibaba as some will take the week off before Chinese New Years or afterwards.

We recommend you slow down your Ads before 16 Feb, so you won’t end up with a huge backlog of orders.

Because some suppliers take a few weeks off around this date, orders coming in before 16 Feb may also be delayed.

You won’t need to close your store during Chinese New Years, but you will need to let your customers know that orders may be delayed during this time.

If you have an automated email that goes out to customers who order from you, let them know that these orders may be delayed.

Lastly, prepare your customer service team to handle enquiries during this period because you can expect to get more complaints if their package is delayed.

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