PxFusion Has Now Launched!

We’ve launched a new plugin – PxFusion. This WooCommerce plugin allows you to keep your customers on your website, all the way through to the checkout process.

PxFusion integrates directly into your eCommerce store so that you won’t need an SSL Certificate to make sales.

Since customers won’t get redirected to an external payment site, you can implement upsells or cross-sells on your checkout page to increase average order value per customer.

You’ll also gain the benefits of having longer sessions per user on your store – Google views this as a positive signal and will help you reach higher rankings in their search results.

PxFusion also works with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extensions which means your customers will be able to manage their credit card details from the “my account” section of your website.

For more information, click here for the full description of our latest plugin, PxFusion.