Stop Violence Against Women! Support The White Ribbon Movement Today

Last year, OPMC was honoured to attend the White Ribbon Day in support of preventing violence against women, courtesy of Marsdens Law Group.

Marsdens Law Group has over the years supported the White Ribbon organisation, which runs programs and services designed to raise awareness against, as well as to stop and prevent violence against women. Just as they did last year, in 2016, Marsdens is going to sponsor the White Ribbon Day event that is going to be held on Friday, 25 November 2016. The event dubbed Play Fair Stop Violence Against Women – White Ribbon Charity Event is going to be held at Walsh Bay Kitchen. You are encouraged to register in support of this movement by clicking on the link above. Marsdens is a well-known legal firm with the head office in Sydney and with many offices in many towns in Australia. Since its establishment in 1968, the firm has been offering advice on most areas of the law.

Play Fair Stop Violence Against Women – White Ribbon Charity Event has been organised by the White Ribbon organisation, a movement that was established in 1991 in Toronto but has since extended its operations to close to 60 countries by 2016. A male led movement, White Ribbon holds events to raise awareness annually between 25 November and 6 December. This is called the White Ribbon Day that calls forth upon all men and boys to stand up and end violence against women.

Through its ambassadors of goodwill like Marsdens, the White Ribbon Movement is calling upon you and other people to register, donate, buy tickets to the White Ribbon Day event in support of ending violence against women in Australia. Tickets to the 25 November 2016 event cost between $150 and $1500.

By donating or registering towards this worthy cause, you will be financing many of its programs that are intended to raise awareness in men and boys about the dangers of violence against women, across Australia.

You are also welcome to visit the White Ribbon website and see the programs that they run across Australia to prevent violence against women. You can also see the different ways to support White Ribbon via their website here. For example, you can make a direct donation to them, buy a ticket to attend the Marsdens-sponsored event or even buy the items that they sell on their online shop. All the funds generated will go towards the running of programs intended to prevent violence against women in Australia.

You can also follow, or communicate with the White Ribbon Movement in Australia on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. See more information about their history, everything about domestic violence and types of abuse, how you can engage other men to prevent violence against women and much more, on their website. OPMC assures you that this is a worthy cause and we look forward to seeing you there as well say no to violence against women.