Facebook Wants You to Know that You Won’t Have to Create a Mobile Site Anymore

Facebook is all about making things easier for you. Aside from providing you an effective platform in which you could touch base with your customers, the social networking is hell-bent on setting up an e-commerce marketplace within its walls. It has tried and failed at it before; but now, Facebook is giving it another shot because of the rise of mobile. We’ve urged you to optimize your site for mobile time and time again because of that very fact. But now, it seems like you probably won’t have to go and do it yourself, as Facebook wants to do the job for you.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stated that she understands that setting up a mobile commerce experience can be rather difficult and costly especially for small businesses, that’s why the social media giant is lending a hand and building mobile commerce pages free of charge. She adds that this way, online store owners wouldn’t have to worry about creating an entire mobile site or app. Plus, these keeps things simple, as your market is most likely on Facebook already anyway. This is of course welcome news. We’re excited to see how the free mobile commerce storefronts will be implemented and how these will shape the future of the industry.


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