Everybody Wins When You Host Promos on Holidays

In the United States, statistics show that as much as 73% of purchasing decisions during holidays are influenced by special promos. This is a significant figure that an online retailer should take advantage of or at least consider—even if you live nowhere near the U.S and hold shop in Australia.  Scheduling promotions around holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Australia Day could—and most likely would—boost your sales numbers. You can even put up promos on minor holidays and find an ingenious way to link it to your brand. Simply put, a strategically planned holiday promo is a sure-fire win for you and your customers.

There are practically limitless ways to go about this. You can do something as simple as offering discount coupons. Other times, you’d have to put your thinking cap on, get a bit creative, and go for something more unconventional for your brand. To jumpstart your marketing brain cells, Woothemes created a useful guide in coming up with holiday promotions. Click here to read it.