Be the Next Online Business Magnate with Tips from Marketing Guru Bernadette Schwerdt

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The dream: to get away from the daily 8-5 routine of the corporate world and start taking control of your own life by setting up your very own business online. More often than not, though, that vision doesn’t go any further, and it usually stays as just that—a dream. It typically doesn’t materialize into anything else because most of the time, we just don’t know how to go about in turning it into reality. But now, dreamers have an edge with the help of Bernadette Schwerdt’s book, Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs.

Schwerdt, who is a marketing guru herself and owns her own copywriting business, was able to talk to some of Australia’s young online magnates and got them to share their tips on how to build a business from scratch. Through the interviews with renowned entrepreneurs such as Shoes of Prey’s Jodie Fox, Who Gives A Crap’s Simon Griffiths, and Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn, the author was able to recognize a pattern in how they built their operations. From this, she was able to devise seven main steps to realizing the dream of owning your very own online business. And knowing these steps could prove to be the key to finding your own entrepreneurial triumph.

Snippets of the book’s seven steps to online business success can be found in this article.