New website allows wine drinkers to fund the wine they want to drink

Photo courtesy of Uncalno Tekno on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Uncalno Tekno on Flickr

The Wine Federation of Australia has launched a new website that allows wine consumers to directly buy from wine producers, bypassing the middleman.

The appropriately named From The Producer website is a non-profit website and is the initiative of entrepreneur and philanthropist John Cameron. It enables winemakers to list their wines and consumers to buy them directly.

The website is helping to break up the extreme market concentration in Australia, where 77% of wine is sold by Coles and Woolworths, under wine store brands that include Dan Murphy, BWS, Liquorland and Vintage Cellar.

One business that is enjoying fast-growing success by cutting out the wine store is Naked Wines, a website that enables wine drinkers to fund the production of wine.

Chief executive for the Wine Federation of Australia, Paul Evans says it is inevitable that businesses will spring up to connect producers with consumers, and the key is in finding an edge to the offering.

“Everyone has got to have their angle,” Evans says. “Both suppliers and consumers have got to be innovative. In our case [for From the Producer], it’s a free service for both suppliers and consumers.”

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