Aussie duo turn lecture notes into profit

Photo courtesy of English106 on Flickr

Photo courtesy of English106 on Flickr

A pair of savvy Australians are helping students turn their lecture and textbook notes into cash.

Sydney-based Nexus Notes, founded in Adelaide in 2011 by ex-AFL player Hugh Minson, 26, and Macquarie Bank worker Richard Hordern-Gibbings, 25, contains a collection of notes submitted from students at more than 16 universities in Australia and three in New Zealand.

The notes, which can be previewed online, are sold for $35 per set and help the students who submit them earn more than $1200. Nexus Notes receives a 50% commission from each sale.

Minson says Nexus Notes are useful for students who miss classes, want to revise, or want to focus on lectures instead of writing everything down.

However, not all professors are happy with the service, with some concerned that students could use it to cheat.

Professor Jim Corkery, a corporations law academic at Bond University, whose students have been using the service to make money from his lectures, said some academics may have concerns about their intellectual property being stolen.

“Eyebrows will be raised by some academics who feel that the service is using their intellectual property indirectly for profit and without their approval,” Corkery said. “That’s something [Nexus Notes] might struggle with.”

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