OPMC recommends WooCommerce

Photo courtesy of Tim Reckmann on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Tim Reckmann on Flickr

SmartCompany recently released an in-depth view of the top four ecommerce platforms on the market:

  • Magento,
  • Shopify,
  • Bigcommerce, and
  • Volusion.

While it stopped short of making a recommendation, it did point out the most prominent aspects of each one. However, the ecommerce platform that didn’t end up in the story is OPMC’s favourite: WooCommerce.

What we believe makes WooCommerce better than all of the aforementioned platforms is its integration with WordPress, which many small businesses start out on when getting started in the online world. It’s easy to use, has stellar support and is constantly being improved for a better experience for shop owner and customer alike.

So, while SmartCompany may tout the benefits of the big four, we here at OPMC firmly stand behind our platform of choice: WooCommerce.

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