Best advice for WordPress for business – Backup, backup, backup

The best advice I can give anyone about running a WordPress website for their business is to backup.

IT professionals always talk about backing up and how important it is. But why?

The simple answer is, because it is the most important thing you can do on your website.

The main reason for this is, once your website is hacked into, deleted accidentally or there is some other sort of failure, that’s it. It’s not like if you accidentally drove your car into a river, and someone can tow it out. With a website, it’s always best to have an exact copy of the site, in the form of a backup, so that if you need it, all that is required is for the site to be reinstated using that backup, and everyone can breathe a sign of relief – whew!

Recommended backup software

There is lots of software on the market for WordPress site backups, but the best one by far is BackupBuddy:

We highly recommend this over any other solution. We do provide a service to purchase and install BackupBuddy for our clients, so if this is something you could benefit from, please get in touch.