An online store in 45 minutes with WooCommerce – Part II

Well we’ve now spent a bit more time on our new Woocommerce online store, adding in some of the fantastic Powertraveller Solar Power charging products.

Check out the site here:

While no design time has been put into this site yet, it displays quite neatly without doing anything.

Over at WooThemes you can buy ready made designs for your WooCommerce store. It’s just a case of buying the option you want. Note if you buy what is called a “Child” theme, you need to buy the Parent theme too. So for example a $20 child theme might require a $70 parent theme to run.

Jargon aside these are just files you download once you pay for them, and installing them into Woocommerce in WordPress will activate them.

You can see all the designs available here:

At the time of writing there was 15 themes. But I’m sure there were about 10 not so long ago, so the options are quickly growing with the popularity of the solution. $100-odd USD for a ready made online store design saves you thousands of dollars up front, so it’s worth the investment. This can then be modified by yourself or with expert help from a web developer, to take into consideration your branding and individual needs.