Help for Distribute.IT customers – Assistance with transfer of web hosting, domain name management, and e-mail services for affected customers.

This is a message for customers of Distribute.IT, in Australia, whose websites were recently impacted by a hacking attack. This was recently reported in

We would like to offer our services to help you get your website and other services up and running again. We can:

-Transfer the management of your domain name.

-Set up web hosting and e-mail services for you.

-Set up a temporary website for you if you wish.

Feel free to click here to make an enquiry about transferring away from Distribute.IT if you wish, and we can advise accordingly.

We understand for a lot of people this is a challenging time, and especially people who are not IT experts – which is the majority – you may be unsure what you need to do next.

We specialise in difficult transfers and situations like this with web hosting services, so if you need some guidance we are here to help you get up and running again. While we can’t recover your old data, we can assist you in taking the next step forward.

It is possible in some cases, and has been reported on the internet, that you can use Google cache to retrieve your website. This is certainly possible to a certain extent and we can provide services and advice for clients wanting to know if this is possible. It may be possible to reconstruct some or all of your old website from Google’s records.

We are a web solutions business providing web hosting, web development, domain name registration and other web based services. There are many businesses like ours in Australia. We recommend you do your research and consider several providers before settling on one.

As you have seen recently with Playstation and the CIA, nothing is un-hackable. But having a good process in place moving forward means that data recovery in future could be easier. Lots of advice has been posted online today about this, but one very salient point is:

1) Have a backup of your website that you have possession of, in your office or home.

Benefit of hindsight is a powerful (and very frustrating) thing. But putting in place some best practices for your website moving forward means that you are not 100% reliant on others.